Frequently Asked Questions

In this section our real estate experts will try to answer all your questions regarding your properties. Issues related to the assignment of a property to our real estate agency, the required documents, any costs required as well as several tips to ensure the best result for your property. If your question is not listed below, we will be happy to contact us in order to provide you with all the necessary information.

The real estate agency Greca House has many years of experience in buying and selling properties. In combination with the huge network of partners and our specialized appraisers, we are able to ensure the best market price for your property. Our staff will take all the necessary steps in order to promote and find the right buyer for your property, in a very short time.

When transferring a property, whether it’s a house or a business place, the buyer or seller is required to pay some transfer costs. After all, real estate purchases in Greece are governed by taxation. It is mandatory to pay the real estate transfer tax before signing the final contract. The amount of tax is calculated on the value of the property and amounts to about 3% of its fair value, as defined in ENFIA.

Other transfer costs are the municipal tax, the payment of the notary and the real estate agent as well as the costs that will need to be paid to the Land Registry. More specifically:

  • Ownership transfer tax – 3.09% of the value.
  • Transfer tax – from 0.475 to 0.775% of the transaction value.
  • Payment for notarial services – 1.5% of the transaction value + VAT.
  • Lawyer services – 1.5% of transaction value + VAT.
  • Real estate agency services – 2% of transaction value.

In a property sale, the owner is required to gather a large number of documents. In detail, these documents are:

  • Engineer’s certificate of non-arbitrariness.
  • Tax clearance.
  • Certificate of non-debt of real estate tax (TAP) from the Municipality.
  • The property titles of the property.
  • Certificate of transfer of the property to the mortgage office from the current owner.
  • Cadastral extract.
  • Statement that the property is included in statement E9.
  • Statement considered by the Tax Office that the seller is not obliged to declare large real estate.
  • Statement on whether the property generated revenue in the last 5 years.
  • Certified copy of the building permit from the town planning.
  • Certificate from the competent Municipality on the non-existence of overdue debts of the property.
  • Certificate of payment of the Single Property Tax (Ε.Τ.ΑΚ).
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate for properties larger than 50 square meters.

By assigning the sale of your property to our agency, we will take care to guide you regarding the collection and submission of all the above supporting documents and more.

The legalization of arbitrary is the process where with the respective payment of the required fees or fine, the sanctions imposed on it are suspended, while the property can be included in the new law for the Treatment of Arbitrary Construction that will legalize it.

The energy certificate is required by law to be included in any document relating to the sale or rental of a property over 50sqm. In case the energy performance certificate is missing, the whole process is considered invalid.

The secret to achieving the highest price for your property is its proper preparation combined with its excellent presentation to those interested and of course the right negotiation before the completion of the agreement. Actions that will be taken care of in the best possible way by our real estate agency.

After buying and selling a property, our real estate agency will help you with many things. We undertake a wide range of services that will ensure both your relocation to your new place, as well as the appropriate legal support. Our goal is to provide a complete package of services that will meet your every need. This is the reason why our contribution does not stop with the completion of the agreement for the purchase or sale of a property.

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