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By assigning your property to real estate agency Greca House you ensure the best result whether you want to take advantage of it or sell it. Put your position as an interested buyer for a while. Wouldn’t you like to see a property first so that you can finally buy it? Wouldn’t you like your home or business to be in the best condition?


By filling out the following property assignment form, you are given the opportunity to contact our company so that we can undertake all the necessary procedures for its sale. The experienced and specialized staff of Greca House is able to undertake all the preparation and the correct presentation of your property to a large number of interested parties. This way we will immediately find a buyer for your property and in fact at the best possible price.

Why work at the Greca House real estate agency?

Our real estate agency is one of the largest in Greece and abroad. Our experienced professionals offer their services with absolute success to a huge number of property owners, or people who are looking for the property of their dreams. Choosing to work with us ensures a wonderful environment of cooperation with renowned professionals who will help you gain experience and specialization in your field of activity.

In order to maintain the high quality of our services, we constantly try to give the appropriate incentives to the professionals working in our agency. So, if you decide to join our team, the privileges and rewards you will secure will satisfy you to the fullest.


What experience is required?

The real estate agency Greca House is looking both for professionals with many years of experience and previous services, as well as new people who want to be actively involved in real estate market. This is the reason why we do not set specific pre-service conditions from the beginning, but we want to examine each expression of interest carefully and with the appropriate personal contact.

All you have to do is contact us, sending your CV at the same time. We will look into it and a representative of our agency will contact you for more information.

You can now start your career in real estate market in the best possible way. Come to Greca House, a huge family of professionals, and enjoy our huge benefits. We will be very happy to meet you.

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