Legal Support

The specialized department of our real estate agency provides comprehensive legal support to all interested parties for the purchase and sale of a property. Our staff consists of experienced and renowned professionals who are by your side at all times, providing you with comprehensive consulting services in legal issues.

Before buying or selling a property, it is good to know all the necessary procedures and laws that prevail. This will save you unnecessary trouble or hassle. After all, our legal department undertakes much more than just consulting. It will take care to implement all the necessary procedures in order to save you from unnecessary effort and time.

What do legal advisers undertake?

The legal support provided by our company includes the check of the titles of a property, the preparation of the contracts, and the settlement of the tax as well as the transfer of the property to the Mortgage Office. In general, if you are interested in selling a property, then our legal advisors will take care of all the necessary procedures and in particular:
  • Ensuring legality in every sale or purchase transaction.
  • Providing information and advice on the documents you will need to complete the purchase or sale of the property.
  • Checking property titles in order to determine whether the property is free from mortgages or other claims, as well as whether it has been acquired legally.
  • Post-completion guidance and legal support for lending or any other legal action you may need.

Why legal support in real estate is important?

The legal support provided by our specialized department will ensure the legality at every stage of the process, as well as the provision of all the necessary documents in order to successfully complete the purchase or sale of a property. In fact, the number of documents required in these cases is quite large. By contacting our legal advisors you will ensure the correct information on which documents you need to collect, as well as their timely submission to the competent departments. In addition, we will ensure that the property you bought is not the result of an arbitrary construction or has been mortgaged to a financial institution.

Why choose Greca House legal advisers?

The legal support offered by our agency is part of a complete package of services. Our real estate agency undertakes a wide range of services that will cover your every need. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals in the legal field, who will take care of the optimal support at every stage of the purchase and sale of a property. For more information or advice you only have to contact us.

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