Obtain Golden Visa

How to obtain Golden Visa in Greece?

Below you can find detailed information on how to obtain Golden Visa in Greece, what documents are required and much more. Golden Visa is a very important privilege provided by the Greek state to people who want to invest in the economy of the country. Specifically, Greece offers unique investment opportunities in the field of real estate and tourism.

What is Golden Visa and how to get it?

Golden Visa is an important incentive for investors. In essence, this is not a Visa but a residence permit in the country with a 5-year period, in exchange for investing in the country’s economy. In other words, this is a privilege that allows someone who is interested in investing in Greece for legal residence. A legal residence that does not imply any obligation to stay in the country, but the possibility to be able to stay permanently whenever one wishes.

In order to obtain a Golden Visa, all you need to do is buy one or more properties with a total investment of 250,000 euros or invest funds from 3 to 100 million euros in infrastructure projects or in Greek companies. The real estate agency Greca House, with many years of experience in the field of real estate and cooperation with a network of investors internationally, is able to provide you with all the necessary information and advice on how to obtain Golden Visa in less than 60 days.

The basic steps to obtain Golden Visa in Greece

If you are also interested in obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece, you need to follow a few steps. These steps in detail are:

  • Selection of one or more properties with the support of our specialized professionals.
  • Legal check by the legal advisors of our company.
  • Issuance of a Tax Registration Number (FPA) for residents abroad at the competent Tax Office.
  • Submission of the required documents to a Greek banking institution, for opening an account in your name. Although the transaction can be executed directly from the bank you have abroad by transfer to the seller’s bank, however the account in a Greek bank will be quite useful in the process.
  • Transfer of the amount for the purchase of the property to the Greek bank account.
  • Completion of the notarial deed for the purchase of the real estate.
  • Receipt of the transfer certificate and submission of supporting documents for the issuance of Golden Visa in Greece.
  • Appointment with the competent service for taking fingerprints.
  • Issuance and receipt of the Golden Visa

What documents will I need to obtain a Golden Visa?

Following the above steps, you will need to rovide specific supporting documents for both the issuance of the Golden Visa and the opening of an account in a Greek bank.

Golden Visa issuance documents

  • Certified photocopy of valid passport.
  • Application form for the issuance of Golden Visa in two copies.
  • Four (4) recent color photos in physical form. The technical specifications of the photos must be the same as those of the passport as well as an optical storage disk (CD) with photos in JPEG2000 graphic format.
  • Proof of payment of state fee for issuance of a 5-year residence permit.
  • Property sale contract and certificate of registration of the transaction.
  • Insurance certificate stating all the necessary expenses for hospitalization and medical care.
  • Certificate of a notary where the contract of purchase and sale of the property should be indicated that is not subject to conditions and deadlines in accordance with the provisions of par. 2 of article 6 of Law 4146/2013 and the total price was paid in full.

It should be clarified that the price of the property, according to Law 4146/2013 is defined as the amount explicitly stated in the purchase contract. Even if this amount differs from the objective value of the property.

Supporting documents for opening an account in a Greek bank

  1. Passport with certified entry into the country as well as a copy of it.
  2. Documents confirming the legality of the buyer’s income. This includes tax return, certificates of income from inheritance, dividends, rental income or sale of real estate, etc. It is mandatory to translate the documents into Greek or English.
  3. Translated DEKO bill where your home address is listed.
  4. Translated document with information about the place of work or pension certificate.
  5. Mobile number certification document from the respective company.
  6. Applicant’s account from a foreign sending bank.

    In order to open an account in a Greek bank, your physical presence is mandatory.
    However, throughout the process, a representative of the legal department of Greca House will provide you with detailed information and a review of the necessary supporting documents.

What else will I need to get a Golden Visa in Greece?

The above documents are all you will need to issue a Golden Visa in Greece. However it is important to know some of the expenses that you will have to pay related to the purchase of the property. Specifically, the purchase costs of a property refer to percentages on the total amount of the purchase price of the property:

  • Ownership transfer tax – 3.09%.
  • Transfer tax – from 0.475 to 0.775%.
  • Payment for notarial services – 1.5% + VAT.
  • Lawyer services – 1.5% + VAT.
  • Real estate agency services – 2%.

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