Short-term real estate leasing – Airbnb

Short-term real estate leasing is the best way to get the most out of your property. The high-quality services provided by the real estate agency Greca House, include all the necessary actions in order to take full advantage of the short-term leasing of your property.

If you also own a property, you may have wondered if you should rent it out in the long term or short term. The truth is that this decision is not always easy since each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. What you need to understand is that not every case is the same.

By assigning the lease of your property to our real estate agency, we will take care to ensure the best result. Our experienced team has been involved in short-term real estate leasing for many years, which makes them experts in managing and preparing your property in a way that get the best benefits.

The advantages of short-term real estate leases

The truth is that the biggest advantage offered by short-term real estate leasing through Airbnb or any similar platform is the profit. In fact, many times a short-term lease for a few days can offer you the profit that a long-term lease would offer you in a month. After all, by renting your space for a few days, you can cost the accommodation in it with prices close to a hotel’s. Another advantage is the damage that will occur on your property. Guests looking for short term rentals usually come for vacations. This means that the time they will spend inside the house is relatively short. The less time a visitor spends inside your property, the less damage it will suffer. Finally, flexibility is also a factor that you should take seriously. Specifically, by choosing short-term leasing you can both offer your property for rent and stay in it occasionally. Something that of course can’t be done in a long-term rental.

What does our real estate agency undertake?

The experienced team of our real estate agency is able to undertake all the necessary procedures to prepare your property for short-term leases, to promote it in the best way, and of course to ensure the best deal for it. In addition, we will make sure to get in touch with prospective visitors and of course undertake its management, saving you effort and time. For more information on short term real estate leasing and how you can get the most out of it, you can contact us.

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